Co-creator, designer and Code Wizard



- Over 20 years of experience in web design and coding

- Loves gardening, documentaries, makes banging pies

- Lives in a cottage in rural France

- Self-taught tech enthusiast, mad for video-games, gadgets and sci-fi

Co-creator, designer, copywriter, client manager



- Your point of contact: always up for a cup of coffee and a chat! 

- Currently residing in Edinburgh 

- Organiser at the Glasgow Skeptics & vice president at the Astronomical Society of Glasgow

- Academically specialised in Film as well as Physics


We're mother & daughter. Based in Scotland and in France.

We noticed many smaller businesses have outdated or even non-existent digital presence even though it is now more important than ever to be online! We want individuals to be excited to have an internet presence, and to help them thrive despite major shifts in the economy (pandemic or not.)